Do your heart belongs to gaming? Go to the site sizzling hot jak oszukac. Play and win! In an effort to minimize initial capital expenditure while our state legislation approves the Governor’s budget by July 1st (which includes up to an additional fifteen dispensary licenses), our investment platform has been separated as follows:

The initial capital needed for legal and dispensary license application fees is $200K. This phase is crucial. We must engage our attorney and begin the application process at our earliest opportunity so that we are prepared for the July 1st state budget approval deadline, and soon to follow, open registration for dispensary license applications. Because this initial capital raise carries the highest risk, we are offering a considerable increase in ownership percentage of RICC. You’ll find the best betway casino here, you have time to get it!

After licensing approval, Phase I will begin with the planning and architectural design of our entire 25,000 sq. ft. facility but only completing constructing of 12,000 sq. ft. that will house a state of the art, world-class “turn key” operation, ready for the cultivation, processing and retail sales of all things cannabis. It will consist of three-1600 sq. ft. grow rooms, administrative offices, employee & storage areas and one store front (off-site – “Paradise City”).

Phase II has been designated for the remaining 13,000 sq. ft. which will be utilized for (7 additional grow rooms) funded by dispensary sales from Phase I. Each additional grow room will be added as product supply and demand warrants.

Although submission of a completed application offers no guarantee for approval, the risk associated with this investment is greatly diminished given our team’s proven track record of success. When taking into account our strategic business plan, legal expertise and our legal team’s prior success in obtaining an existing dispensary license, and the legislative relationships and collaborations our team at RICC has put forth in this industry, are all factors which considerably marginalize this risk.

Given that dispensary licenses awarded will be assigned to specific regions throughout the state, we have considered three strategic locations to potentially house our operation – maximizing RICC’s sales via convenient accessibility to consumers.

As mentioned above, the investment platform for costs associated with this project have been separated into Phase I and Phase II. Upon completion of both phases, RICC will be housed in a fully-operational, 25,000 sq. ft. facility. The following breakdown of expenditures pertaining to each phase is provided below:

Phase I investment totals $3.9 million dollars. All costs associated with Phase II (7 additional grow rooms) will be based on consumer supply and demand and constructed one at a time at a cost of $514K, will be funded by net profits from Phase I.

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