Business Plan
Do your heart belongs to gaming? Go to the site sizzling hot jak oszukac. Play and win! Rhode Island Cannabis Company’s efforts over the past several years have distinctly established themselves within Rhode Island’s medical marijuana program. In April of 2017 RICC filed an application within the State of Rhode Island for a Class B, 10,000 sq. ft. Cultivation License, pending approval, allowing the sale and distribution of cannabis and cannabis-related products to the existing 3 dispensaries throughout the state. Through these efforts, RICC’s ability to thrive as industry leaders within this competitive and expanding market are highlighted;

Governor Gina Raimondo detailed the expansion of Rhode Island’s medical marijuana program during her January 2018 State of the State address. In this address, she stated that given there are only 3 dispensaries serving over 20,000 patients in the state, Rhode Island will be granting up to 15 new medical marijuana dispensary licenses. In addition, Gov. Raimondo stated that legislature currently underway is seeking to make the process of obtaining medical marijuana cards less restrictive for Rhode Island residents – projected to substantially increase the overall number of licensed patients. Anticipating these changes, the revenue generated through RI’s medical marijuana program is expected to increase exponentially.

Another important aspect of Governor Raimondo’s announcement stated that this plan will allow patients with medical marijuana licenses from the states of Massachusetts and Connecticut to legally purchase medical marijuana in Rhode Island. With this significant change, the patient base will grow exponentialy given the population in the tri-state area (RI/MA/CT) is 16.9M. Along with Rhode Island’s central location between these bordering states, this is being pegged as one of the most profitable geographic locations.

Given this exciting announcement, RICC intends to file an application for one of the 15 new dispensary licenses. If approved, RICC would have the ability to cultivate, process and sell marijuana directly to patients. This is a game changer.

Most notably, gross profits from marijuana sales would increase from $2500 per pound (wholesale) to the 3 existing dispensaries, to $6000 per pound (retail) generated from sales directly to patients.

The State expects to see an incursion of applications, from existing cultivators within the state, to industry titans hoping to cash in on this rare opportunity. However, the approval criteria as laid out by RI State legislators, and echoed during Gov. Raimondo’s announcement, explain that determination for approval of licensure will be based on the following:
  • Completion of a comprehensive application and the provision of a strategic business plan (RICC is currently represented by experienced counsel that successfully represented an existing dispensary)
  • Expertise, credibility, proven track record in the Rhode Island Medical Marijuana Program (View Barry Blair’s business endeavors)
  • Distinguished Board of Directors (RICC’s Board of Directors include some of the most respected Doctors and medical professionals, Professors, and Pharmaceutical executives within the state)
  • Initial application & legal fees ($200K)
  • Proof of project financing ($500K – escrow acct.)
  • Political support (RICC’s team has the respect of our state legislators who recognize our high level of commitment, service and care for our patients)
Given the diverse background and prior successes of RICC’s team members and Board of Directors, it is our strong belief that we are noteworthy candidates and front-runners in having our application approved.

Griffin Greenhouse Supply, Fuss & O’Neil, McGeorge Architecture and Autiello Construction were carefully selected to design and build RICC’s new 25,000 sq. ft. facility. Having previously designed over 1 million sq. ft. of industrial space used to cultivate cannabis, they will be implementing the most current state of the art technology and mechanics. These processes will enable production of top-quality, fast yielding flower – while simultaneously lower operating costs substantially; both factors which promise to ensure the future success of RICC.

The aforementioned environmental factors, specifically those here in the State of Rhode Island, serve to make the cannabis industry one of the greatest financial opportunities available, and as a result we are looking for sophisticated financial partners to collaborate with us on this exciting journey. If successful, RICC’s vision is to expand its horizon’s past Rhode Island’s borders, both cultivating, distributing pharmaceutical quality marijuana and retail store fronts (Paradise City) when the legalization of recreational marijuana use is passed.

Although promising, the window of time to prepare for the cultivation/dispensary license application is limited to four months. The initial investment of $200K would be for the application and legal fees. Secondly, documentation that financing is secure with a minimum of $500K would be required. Given this limited time opportunity, it is essential for prospective investors to act quickly to be part of this exciting endeavor.